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Have your U.S. trademark searched, filed, managed, and tracked by experienced U.S. trademark attorneys. 


$185+USPTO Fees*
  • Attorney managed
  • Standard trademark search
  • Free search for a second trademark if your attorney finds a problem with your first choice 


$548+USPTO Fees*
  • All of Essentials +
  • Common law trademark search
  • Trademark strategy call
  • Up to 30 minutes of attorney consultation
  • Amazon Brand Registry ($40 Value)†
  • Priority processing


$899+USPTO Fees*
  • All of Essentials and Premium +
  • Attorney argues all USPTO Office Actions (Save up to $525)
  • Trademark Document Templates ($75 Value)


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frequently asked questions

Markavo's Trademark Application Services

What a trademark is and why you need a trademark attorney.

What is a trademark? 

A trademark is a word (e.g. NIKE), a phrase (e.g. JUST DO IT), or a symbol (e.g. the Nike Swish) that identifies your company as the exclusive provider of a particular product or service.

Why register a trademark?

Federal trademark registration provides a number of unique benefits. A federal registration allows you to stop others from using or registering a similar trademark in any U.S. state, even if you only sell in a few states. It gives you access to the federal court and a right to sue infringers. A registration can also help stop importation of counterfeit goods into the U.S. Finally, a trademark registration can be very helpful in policing your brand on online platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and others. These companies regularly take down infringing content at the request of the owner of a registered trademark. 

What makes a good trademark? 

A trademark can’t be a generic word that everyone in your industry needs. You can’t stop your competitors from using the English language to describe their products and services. The best trademarks are entirely made up words (like Exxon for gas stations or Xerox for photocopiers). However, businesses frequently like to adopt trademarks that are suggestive of what they do or sell (for example, COFFEEMATE for coffee creamer). Take a look at Markavo’s suggestive name generator for quick ideas (with available domain names) for a new brand name. 

How many trademark applications do I need? 

The first priority is to protect the name of your business, then your logo, and then your tagline(s) or unique product names. To protect a name, logo, and tagline would require three separate trademark applications. 

If your budget doesn’t allow for three or more applications, then you should probably focus on just protecting the name of your business and maybe your logo.

You can always apply for lower priority marks in the future. Also, as your company adds new products or services in the future, you simply apply to expand your protection over those brands, products, and services as they launch. Trademarking isn't a one-time event for most businesses. As they grow, they add more marks to their portfolios. For example, large companies like Nike and Starbucks have hundreds of trademark registrations for example.

How does Markavo’s trademark search service work? 

When you pay for a trademark application service, it includes a trademark search performed by an attorney as part of the price. Regardless of the package you choose, we will search for your first choice, and should it not be available after your attorney reviews the search results, we will search for your second choice for no additional cost. You can start out with our free trademark search engine to get a sense if an identical trademark is already registered before sending it over to us.

With the Essentials and Premium packages, we perform a knockout search using sophisticated proprietary search software. With the Autopilot package, we perform an additional common law search to find potential unregistered uses.

Why is a common law trademark search important?

This is complex question. Take a look at our Why a common law trademark search is important article. 

What happens if my application receives an Office Action?

If you purchased an Autopilot package, your attorney will respond to both basic and complex issues requiring lengthy briefs for no additional cost until the trademark either receives a final refusal or is approved to register. If more than once response is required to argue your case before your trademark examiner, multiple responses are included in the service fee, and will require no additional payment. 

If you purchased a Premium package, your attorney will respond to any administrative issues that can be fixed with clarifying amendments to the application. Issues requiring lengthy, well-reasoned legal briefs to overcome will require an additional $399 service fee should you want to proceed.  

If you purchased an Essentials package, any service beyond the initial application is pay-as-you-go and our office action response service prices can be found here.

*What are the government fees for a trademark application?

We charge $350 in government fees per class of goods or services for every trademark application. This is regardless of whether we file using the TEAS STANDARD option ($350 in government fees) or the TEAS PLUS option ($250 in government fees). The USPTO only offers the reduced fees because the TEAS PLUS application requires significantly more information and allows its trademark examiners to process the application more quickly. The same application filed using TEAS STANDARD requires approximately 30 minutes less attorney time than the same application filed using the less expensive TEAS PLUS option. The lower filing fee for the TEAS PLUS application only comes at the expense of more private attorney processing time. Therefore, we do not pass on the TEAS PLUS discount where we file using that method and always charge $350 per class.

TEAS PLUS applications are 50% less likely to receive a trademark rejection, though. Thus, we try to file using TEAS PLUS where it is possible. Having an attorney spend additional time on the preparation of a TEAS PLUS application is beneficial to our clients because it reduces the time delay that rejections present and the additional legal fees required to address a rejection should one be issued.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry Service?

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed to help brand owners protect their intellectual property and product content on Amazon. Before Amazon will register a trademark on the Amazon Brand Registry they require trademark attorneys to verify the identity of their trademark clients. We complete this identity verification process with Amazon on your behalf for no additional cost when you purchase a Premium or Autopilot Application (otherwise, we charge $40 for this service).

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Trademark applicants represented by attorneys are 50% more likely to successfully register than those who go it alone.

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