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Let Markavo® research your trademark before you file it. Avoid registering a trademark that another unregistered user has superior rights to.


Comprehensive Trademark Search in 3 Easy Steps

Markavo® attorneys have represented a wide variety of businesses - from Amazon sellers, clothing designers, restaurants, professional service providers, and everything in between.

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Gather your information

We will need the trademark you want us to search for. We will also need the list of goods and services you currently use or plan to use the trademark for.

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Place an order 

Pay online with credit or debit card. Within minutes we will automatically follow up to collect a few basic details about your project. 

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Once we receive your information, a trademark attorney, not a paralegal, manages your case, performs a search, and reports the results to you.


Simple no-tricks pricing

Have a trademark attorney research your trademark before you file it.

Search Before You File

A trademark attorney will broadly search for potential conflicts with your desired trademark.


  • Search for registered conflicts
  • Search for unregistered conflicts
  • Priority Processing
  • Attorney phone consulation

Comprehensive Trademark Search

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Collectively, Markavo® attorneys have unparalleled trademark experience and great reviews. 

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frequently asked questions

Markavo's Comprehensive Trademark Search Service

What a comprehensive trademark search is compared to other trademark search options.

Is a trademark search included with an order for a trademark application service?

Yes. A trademark search performed by an attorney is included with every trademark application service level we offer. If you have us file your trademark application, you do not need to pay for this service.

This stand-alone search service is provided for individuals and companies that only want an opinion on the viability of a potential trademark. If you are looking to file and mange your own trademark application, without attorney involvement, but want an attorney performed search then this service is for you.

If you want an attorney to search, file, manage, and track your trademark application for you, then review our trademark application services.

How is this service different from Markavo's free trademark search?

Markavo's free trademark search is provided to allow users to quickly see if there is an exact trademark already registered. It does not take into account the complicated and tangled body of law the trademark office applies in reviewing new trademark applications. See the Frequently Asked Questions about how trademark searches and legal advice interact with one another. The free search tells you that an identical mark hasn't been registered yet. It doesn't tell you that the trademark won't be refused for any number of statutory reasons or being found to be too similar to another registered trademark.

Is this a common law search?

It is. The search report you receive also includes a review of several public and private third party databases beyond what is used at the trademark office to help find potential earlier, unregistered users of your desired trademark. Performing a common law search is essential to reduce the risk of future trademark infringement issues brought by earlier users of your desired trademark.

Register your trademarks. Stress free. 

Trademark applicants represented by attorneys are 50% more likely to successfully register than those who go it alone.

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