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Negotiating a Trademark Settlement in 3 Easy Steps

Markavo® attorneys have represented a wide variety of businesses - from Amazon sellers, clothing designers, restaurants, professional service providers, and everything in between.

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We will need all the information you have about your trademark dispute, including any written correspondence between the parties.

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Pay online with credit or debit card. Within minutes we will automatically follow up to collect a few basic details about your project. 

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Once we receive your information, a trademark attorney reaches out to you to discuss strategy before contacting the other party with a proposal.


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Many trademark disputes are settled out of court as both parties prefer to avoid the expense associated with protracted litigation.

Negotiate a Trademark Settlement

An attorney will review your dispute propose a potential settlement to other party.


  • 30 minute strategy call
  • In-depth review of dispute
  • Priority processing
  • Aggressive defense of your rights

Settlement Negotiation Service

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Collectively, Markavo® attorneys have unparalleled trademark experience and great reviews. 

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What the Settlement Negotiation Service is and how it works.

What is the Settlement Negotiation Service?

Many trademark disputes are settled out of court, as oftentimes both parties prefer to avoid the expenses associated with protracted litigation. Your attorney will work to find common ground between the parties and negotiate an agreement that is consistent with the requirements of trademark law. 

How does the service work?

Your attorney will review the dispute in depth after reading all the available correspondence between the parties. Then, after speaking with you about potential terms of settlement, your attorney will contact the other party with a proposal.

After the parties agree in theory, what happens next? 

Should both parties come to an understanding, the agreement should be reduced to writing, with the settlement drafting service.

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