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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What our Reexamination Proceeding service is and how it works.

What is a Trademark Reexamination? 

To be eligible for a trademark registration in the U.S. the goods and services listed must have been used in commerce. In those cases where the evidence suggests that some or all of the goods were not sold on or before the date that the USPTO required the registrant to file its proof of use, it is possible to have a trademark registration canceled in whole or in part. This procedure allows for quickly removing trademark registrations that should have never been granted in the first place. 

Why would I want to have a trademark registration reexamined?

If your trademark application was refused because of a similar registration that provided inaccurate or false information about the dates it was used in commerce, it may be possible to quickly address your refusal by having the registration invalidated and canceled. 

Instead of arguing that your desired trademark is not too similar to the one cited by the trademark office (an argument that frequently can be difficult to win), the issue simply becomes about if the similar trademark registrant lied or provided inaccurate information to secure a trademark registration. 

Once the reexamination petition is filed, the trademark registrant must respond with evidence that their trademark was properly used in commerce on the dates claimed. If they don’t respond or can’t provide additional evidence that satisfies the trademark office, their registration is canceled in whole or in part. 

One of my trademarks has received a notice of a reexamination proceeding. Can you help?

We can assist in presenting your case if you were actually using your trademark in commerce for the goods or services listed in the reexamination proceeding on the dates you alleged. Simply pay the legal fee to get started. 

What are the government filing fees to file a Petition to Reexamine?

The government charges $400 to file a Petition to Reexamine a trademark. There are no filing fees if you need to respond to an Reexamination.

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