Subject Matter Index B

  • Background designs and shapes as mark— 1202.11
  • Banking institution as applicant— 803.03(g)
  • Basic Facts About Registering a Trademark— 105
  • Basis for filing ( See Filing basis)
  • Blackout period— 504.04 ; 1103 ; 1104.03(b)1104.03(c)
  • Blinded Veterans Association— 1205.01
  • “Bona fide and effective industrial or commercial establishment”— 1002.04
  • Bona fide intention to use mark in commerce
    • acceptable language for statement of— 1101
    • application filing basis, under §1(b)— 806.01(b)
    • continued— 1101 ; 1108.02
    • must be asserted in request for extension of time to file statement of use— 1108.02(e)
    • must be asserted in written application— 806.01(b)806.01(d) ; 1101
    • must be asserted in §44 application, even if use has commenced— 1008
    • must be asserted in §66(a) application— 804 ; 804.05 ; 1904.01(c)
    • not necessary to repeat in multiple-basis application— 806.02(g)
  • Bona fide use in ordinary course of trade— 901.02
  • Bona fides of applicant, in asserting intent to use mark in commerce, not inquired into by examining attorney— 1101
  • Buenos Aires Convention— Appendix B
  • Bulky specimens— 904.02(b)
  • Business cards as specimens of service mark use— 1301.04(h)(i)
  • Business trusts— 803.03(e)(i)
  • Business with Office to be transacted in writing— 708.03 ; 709.03 ; 709.04 ; 709.05

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